Lucky Patcher For Users When Device is Not Rooted

Method 1:

For doing this software goal patch is helping for InApp and LVL emulation. Please delete the particular software (is there any folder rename decrease again the folder). You can try to shop for if miracles works on you, Sometimes is occurs.

Method 2:

Please do the activate “Mirror of unique InApp of provider for emulation of purchases”. In This approach, you may regulate vintage applications or older version of programs. Example of this approach utilized in CreeHack. If you need to try this for modern-day apps it can assist for InApp and LVL emulation, it’ll no longer paintings. Some application can be overwhelming for using this method.

Lucky Patcher For Users When Device is Not Rooted

Purchase window option:

  1. Send Response unsigned: For older video games and application purchaser no want to have root privileges, wherein the authors do now not inadvertently test the signature data. This opportunity will ship a clean signature this may purchase will get digital activate the application and confirm correct signature. Root Privileges customers better to keep away from this method.
  2. Save to repair purchases: In this option, Lucky Patcher saved buy within the database of Lucky Patcher for jailbroken apps. In this option man or woman need to patch after rebooting once more.
  3. Auto Purchase with the current setting: Lucky patcher will vehicle purchase the equal purchase apps. No want to press agree to shop for getting gold or coin. “Delete decided on saved purchase” lengthy press will vehicle buy gold.

What Is The Meaning of Different Colors In Lucky Patcher Application?

Green: The apps what you in search of to it has a first-rate hazard to become registered

Yellow: Already a custom patch on this listing /sdcard/lucky patcher

Cyan: This app has google business script

Magenta: Already this app in Booklist

Purple: Google in App Purchase contains this app

Red: No Chance to be register. This software also can have components (Application and APK-Pro-key) in this example please patch both elements, now not both certainly one among them.

Orange: This software is a tool software. Need to be careful for any harm may be a damage software program or working device.

Clover: Lucky Patcher application effectively modified this app.

*: The dalvik-cache of this app has been edited (ODEX with the adjustments created), this application will live its cutting-edge recognition earlier than update or delete. “Remove ODEX with Changes” from the context menu to unpatched or returned to the unique app


This app isn’t to be had in google play keep however you can download it from our website. Join Lucky Patcher Forum to invite any query, file any mistakes and request any new features to us. Read How To Use Lucky Patcher app. If you discovered any download hyperlink broken please Send Us An Email. We’ll recovery it as quick as feasible. You can Submit Custom Patches for fortunate patcher on our website online. Watch LUCKY PATCHER APK Download Latest Video Tutorials Made through Chelpus.

App Changelog:

App Version 7.Five.Nine:

  • Proxy server for Google Play updated;
  • Translations updated;
  • Bug’s constant.

App Version 7.Five.Eight:

  • Bug to “Integrate updates to system” regular;
  • Translations up to date.

App Version 7.5.7:

  • Warning for Apps compiled with Android App Bundle brought;
  • Translations up to date.

App Version 7.5.6:

  • Bug to “resource patch for Inapp purchases” constant;
  • Translations up to date.

App Version 7.Five.Five:

  • Offset type patch delivered to custom patch engine;
  • Help for custom patch up to date;
  • Translations up to date;
  • Bugs consistent.

App Version 7.Five.Four:

  • Auto update for root clients revamped;
  • Translations up to date;
  • Bugs fixed.

App Version 7.Five.Three:

  • Bug to [SHARED-PREFERENCES] consistent;
  • New tag [BLOCK HOSTS] for custom patches introduced;
  • Help for custom patches up to date;
  • Added the functionality to put in writing remarks in the custom patch record “//”;
  • Translations up to date.

Lucky Patcher For Users When Device is Not Rooted

App Version 7.Five.2:

  • “Disable components pm disable approach” changed (very last observe button);
  • Widget for Proxy server of GooglePlay regular;
  • Translations up to date.

App Version 7.Five.1:

  • New tag [PATCH ALL FILES] brought;
  • Help for custom patches updated;
  • Translations up to date.

App Version 7.Five.Zero:

  • New host for updates introduced;
  • Install precise Google Play 12 constant;
  • Proxy server for Google Play constant;
  • Analytical service added (works only at the same time as wifi + charging is on);
  • Translations up to date.
  • Translations updated.