Timeless and Elegant – The Asscher Cut Diamond

Diamonds are available in a lot of unique cuts. The Asscher cut become advanced by a man named Joseph Asscher, who was commissioned to cut the arena’s biggest diamond by means of the Royal Family in 1902. Joseph and his brothers reduce the three, one hundred and five-carat Cullinan Diamond that remains as a part of the British crown jewels nowadays. Between the 1920s (once they reduce peaked in recognition) and 2001, the Asscher cut changed into difficult to discover and was best to be had in antique stores or with art deco jewelry dealers. However, these days this reduce of diamond continues to be popular, yet rare.

In 2001, this diamond cut had a re-launch, after a number of research and development added it back to the general public with new specifications and extra facets. The revitalization of the Asscher reduce has made this one of the most rather demanded diamond shapes.

Asscher Cut Diamond

The Asscher diamond cut has been solely patented, and consequently, every authentic Asscher diamond can have the Asscher family insignia inscribed on it, along with an identity number (precise to every diamond). The inscriptions are most effective seen thru a high magnification, so do not be involved approximately the diamond being marred in any way with this insignia or identification range. Your jeweler allows you to verify when you have an original or no longer (despite the fact that the rate tag would possibly alert you too).

The rectangular form of this diamond is one in all its signature qualities. The square form had deeply trimmed corners making it look like an octagon. The cut is performed with a chain of parallel steps to create a “hall of mirrors” whilst one seems deeply into the diamond. You may additionally have additionally heard this form of the cut called “the square emerald cut” or the “changed cushion cut.”

If you’re thinking about the use of an Asscher cut for an engagement ring, the most commonplace setting is a four-prong association. Because the diamond is step cut, it does not mirror mild evidently – or at least now not as a great deal as a few other diamond cuts. Having a 4-prong arrangement allows installation your diamond in an expanded position so that it is able to appeal to extra light and be able to shine extra. If you pick out the four-prong association, ensure the prongs do not disguise any of the diamond’s different corners.

Another famous putting is the pave setting. With the pave setting, the ring is coated with a crust of diamonds that assist to complement the rarity and splendor of your Asscher cut diamond. A lot of engagement rings with the Asscher reduce may also include accessory stones which can lie against the flat sides of your center stone. These diamonds are normally inside the brilliant, princess or emerald cuts. Asscher cuts, however, are so wonderful and unusual that in case you pick out to permit it to stand on my own, your Asscher cut diamond engagement ring can be a stunner on its personal.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Even with the rejuvenation of the cut in 2001, the Asscher diamonds stay pretty one of a kind. Celebrities were a huge part of making the reduce greater popular and clean to discover. Just search for a brilliant jeweler and you may be positive to find a preference choice of Asscher Cut Diamonds Information.

It’s an advanced desire, whether you cross vintage or contemporary. It could make a first-rate assertion about one’s individuality. And likely most importantly, the Asscher cut is undying and could stay so all the time.